Hello! 👋

I'm lucko (or sometimes I use the nickname "Luck").
I'm a software developer from London, UK.

This is a personal website and domain that I use for the various open-source projects I work on.

If you'd like to contact me, you can find how to reach me on my contact page.
You can also find me on GitHub, @lucko.

This domain

A number of other sites and services are available under this domain.

I try my best to keep these services available. Most have been online and had good uptime for the past ~7 years at least. The hosting configs can be found on GitHub at lucko/infra.

My projects

I work on a number of open source projects in my spare time.


  • LuckPerms is a permissions management system for Minecraft servers.
  • At time of writing, it's been downloaded ~7M times, has ~400,000 monthly active users, and a Discord community of ~19,000 people.
  • The project also has a website, LuckPermsWeb, which includes web apps for viewing/editing/managing permission setups, written using Vue.js.
  • More information can be found on the project homepage at luckperms.net.


  • spark is a performance profiler for Minecraft clients, servers and proxies.
  • At time of writing, it's been downloaded ~25M times and has ~20,000 monthly active users.
  • The project also has a website, spark-viewer, which includes functionality for inspecting profiles as stack trees and flame graphs, written using React/Next.js.
  • More information can be found on the project homepage at spark.lucko.me.


  • paste is a simple web app for writing & sharing code. It's my own take on conventional pastebin sites like pastebin.com or hastebin.
  • The frontend is written using React, and based on the Monaco Editor.
  • There is a public instance I host at pastes.dev.


  • bytebin is a fast & lightweight content storage web service, written in Java.
  • You can think of it a bit like a pastebin, except that it accepts any kind of data (not just plain text!)
  • It has a straightforward HTTP API that supports CORS.


  • bytesocks is a fast & lightweight WebSocket server, written in Java.
  • It allows clients to create "channels", connect using the WebSocket protocol and exchange messages with other clients in the same channel.


  • helper is a development toolkit / library for Bukkit plugin developers. It provides a number of utilities and extended APIs which help to reduce boilerplate code and offer alternative paradigms for creating content.
  • I'm no longer actively working on further API additions, but the project is still being used frequently by various development teams, and I accept pull requests!


I've also created and made significant contributions to a number of other projects.